Kayaking at Playa del Socorro
Playa del Socorro

Playa del Socorro
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Kayaking at Playa del Socorro

San Quintin has a vital sport and large scale fishing trade, so loads of fun activities await those adventurers spirits.

“San Quintin is one of the top sportfishing destinations on the Pacific coast of Baja, and a seasonal draw for bird hunting and watching. Thousands of geese migrate to and through San Quintin Bay annually, as do thousands of sailboats, yachts and catamarans.”

Duncan McIntosh Company

“The San Quintin Bay is like San Diego a hundred years ago. It is a place where you can see the past and the future of Baja California. And it is an ecosystem of coastal scrub shading into mountain pines that Alta California and Baja California share across the border.”

Jon Christensen
La Paz to Monterey: Coming home through the "Baja Bash"

”Located on a peculiar bay in a "U" shape, San Quintin has been one of the main tourist attractions of Baja California, visited by thousands of fishermen, hunters and sailors every year.

A chain of small inactive volcanoes, such as the "Monte De Ceniza" (Ash Mountain) the Picacho Vizcaino and the Riveroll Mountain protect the bay's peaceful waters, good for recreational boats. Its endless beaches are plain and sandy, special for "all terrain" vehicles, such as jeeps, four-wheelers, motorcross and mountain bikes.

This bay is considered a paradise for both professional and amateur photographers due to its fascinating landscapes. Also, it is amazing for geologists, who enjoy the rocky formations that show the different pre-historic layers of the Earth.

During the fall, San Quintin becomes in an obligatory stop of the North migratory birds on their way to the south."
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