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How do you and your spouse picture retirement? Does it include breath-taking sunsets, a comfortable living space, beautiful natural surroundings, great weather, full independence, without loosing your lifestyle, and above all, within your current income?

Playa del Socorro is an ideal setting. You will find everything your heart desires, in an affordable location that offers inexpensive living conditions, with all the comforts you are accustomed to. Live a luxurious lifestyle without squandering your savings.

Life in Playa del Socorro is not only good for the pocketbook, it is great for the body and soul. Regular exercise will be an enjoyable experience, whether you like to walk, run, ride, swim, fish, sail, surf, birdwatch, take pictures or simply fill your day up with exciting activities in your home, your garden or surrounding natural landscape. Your mind will stay sharp and focused; you will find outlets for your abilities and creative energy, and best of all, your most valuable asset, your time, will be well spent on you, your health, spouse, family, friends and mother nature.


Playa del Socorro is a secure investment, in more ways than one. You will have access to the best of Mexico, including medical care and medicine. Finding English-speaking care-giver in Baja is not a problem, you are likely to find doctors who are board certified and have practices on both sides of the border. Some doctors, dentist, clinics and hospitals in Baja will accept your insurance through special agreements with U.S. insurance companies, even if your medical and drug insurance or program does not offer international coverage.

Service providers in the Region of San Quintin:


Even if you have limited or no coverage, medical attention and medicine, especially name brand drugs, is inexpensive in Baja, and still is the high quality care you require. For decades now Mexico and Baja have a healthy medical tourism sector geared to the U.S. marketplace.

Buying Prescription Drugs in Baja

“Lots of people make the trek south of the border and purchase over-the counter drugs to save money. Quite often, they find the same drugs in Baja for one-fourth the price (or less) than they paid in the US or Canada.”
“…since I've been a resident of Baja, I've been purchasing heart pills for my elderly parents who live in Ohio. In Ohio, those heart pills cost them about $3 each. I've been able to buy those same pills for about 60 cents each. The box (and) manufacturer (are) the same. … the expiration date, it had two years to go. … these were not "generic" drugs; these were from a major company.”
“About two years ago, an excellent article ran in a San Diego newspaper that compared drugs bought in Baja to their counterparts in the States. Their conclusions: No difference in quality. The story underplayed the difference in price, but reading between the lines was not all that hard.”

Rick Sieman


If it's still not reason enough, remember you are at driving distance and air accessible to the best medical care in California and the U.S. Most plans will state that coverage will begin in "the nearest appropriate treating facility". That means, in a medical emergency, if you are located south of the border, you will need to get to San Diego, Ca. to receive treatment that is covered by your policy. Some policies cover air ambulance services expenses that will take you in a medical emergency to a San Diego or Los Angeles County hospital. If not covered, a separate travel policy can be purchased that includes air ambulance service. Please check with your insurance agent.

Air Ambulance Services

Medical Insurance in Baja

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