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Fishing at Playa del Socorro

The Baja peninsula is known as the “Sword Fish Capital", primarily due to its marine-life rich waters full of albacore, blue fin tuna, yellowtail, cabrilla, white and  black sea bass, grouper, snappers, sierra, and a mixture of diverse species.

All level of experienced sports fishermen, even those with none, will enjoy the fishing in Playa del Socorro. Even if you don’t own any fishing equipment, you can find first class services, from rental of large fishing tours to small individual pangas. As the locals say: "we do not go fishing, we go catching ”

What distinguishes Playa del Socorro and San Quintín is what  Gene Kira described as: “an ambiance that Ernest Hemingway would have appreciated”.

Baja is still the wild and woolly land of wonderment that keeps "old-timers" coming back decade after decade… There is so much new development at the tip of Baja, it's hard to see the original beauty. But that beauty has not gone away. Even here in fantasy-land, it's still right in front of you, if you know where to look… silent little bays, visited by no one in particular, and it is this marvelous mix of the old and the new that make Baja California the world-class tourist fishing destination that it has become today.”

“Even though Mex 1 and Baja's other major highways have been greatly improved in the last five years or so, …first-time visitors are well advised to take it slow, stop frequently to enjoy the wonderful points of interest all along the way, and learn to plan things one day at a time. Somehow, Mexico, and especially Baja, seem to conspire to throw off even the best-planned itinerary, and the most enjoyable trip will be had by those who stay flexible... Every trip is an unforgettable experience. Even old Baja rats who've done it dozens of times say that each trip is memorable and no two are ever alike. It is truly one of the world's greatest drives, and modern conveniences (such as gas stations!) now make it so much safer and "doable."

“Fishing at San Quintin is almost always good for something… This is one place where you can catch plenty of fish whether you're paying attention or not.

Gene Kira, Mexico Reports Editor of Western Outdoor News.
Excerpts from: “San Quintin's versatile sportfishing waters produce everything from lingcod to summer dorado and tuna, and even marlin”
“San Quintin fishing articles, maps, fishing reports, peak seasons, hot spots, and vacation travel information for the top sportfishing locations of San Quintin, Mexico.”

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