Surfing at Playa del Socorro
Playa del Socorro

Playa del Socorro
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Surfing at Playa del Socorro

Playa del Socorro has the ideal setting for surfing. A relaxed environment, friendly neighbors and a pristine beach with perfect, un ridden waves. Wake up to the thrill of offshore beach breaks, long waves, spectacular swells, sun, sand, the dawn, miles and miles of beach -- all to yourself.

“The peninsula has some outstanding surfing. There are two basic surfing regions. The first, between Tijuana and Ensenada, is essentially an extension of Southern California conditions. ... The second region, the coastline from Ensenada to the Cape, has almost every conceivable kind of surfing condition”

Walt Peterson
A short visit to one of the most interesting places on earth

The San Quintin region stays perfect and uncrowded as Kelly Catian writes:

“With confrontations between paddle surfers and tow teams coming to a peak at Todos Santos, Ensenada, the Encinitas crew were looking for an unspoiled big wave surfing spot...and sort of found it…. we saw skis and tow-in teams, 2 skis and 4 surfers.”

Kelly Catian
Big wave surfing at Isla San Martin


"This place is good enough for surfing all year long"
- Charles DeKopps. Resident.

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