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Playa del Socorro is located in the heart of the pre-Hispanic and colonial past of the peninsula, considered a mystical land by the Spanish explorers, Baja is a treasure waiting to be discovered. With missionary sites, old presidios, cave paintings, rich agricultural land and a famous mediterranean weather, enjoy Baja's cultural heritage.

Not far from the beach, you will be surprised by the rich pine and cypress forest on the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir, full of blacktailed deer, cougar, ram, hawks, eagles, owls and california condors. In this setting, Latin america's second largest Astronomy Observatory can be found, in one of the most privileged spots for astronomical observation of the northern hemisphere. .

Rain and snow from these mountains are the main supply source for the large farm and agricultural industry near Playa del Socorro. Baja is mostly known for it's world class wine and grape production, but the region is one of Southern California's main provider of tomatoes, strawberries and cucumber, all from modern facilities.

Take in the local crafts, drop in on all the regional festivals, or enjoy Baja's famous dishes, like authentic fish tacos, fresh lobster and, why not, a few margaritas.



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